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About Us - Uffculme School

About Us

Uffculme School provides high quality education for children and young people with a primary diagnosis of ASD on three sites in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham. Uffculme School offers co-education for children and young people of the ages 3 to 19 years from all parts of the city. Pupils represent the wide cultural mix that makes up the general population of Birmingham. We are a successful school with a long and proven track record of providing high quality education for pupils with ASD. The school has grown significantly over the last seven years and we now have a thriving secondary department with 100 pupils. We currently cater for a total of 181 pupils.
Our foundation, infant and primary aged students are based on the original Uffculme School site in Queensbridge Road in very attractive grounds, comprising 7 acres, bordering Highbury Park. All pupils have a primary need of ASD.
Our secondary aged students (11-19 yrs) are based in our newly renovated and acquired building - Chamberlain House- which is situated on the corner of Queensbridge Road and Yew Tree Road (400 metres from our primary building) It has been transformed and is specifically tailored to the educational requirements of youngsters whose primary need continues to be ASD.
We have now secured a third building (another 400 metres from Chamberlain House) on Russell Road. This building will cater for students aged 16-19 yrs who have the most complex ASD needs. It is currently being redesigned and our first intake will move in to this building probably during the summer term 2016. The education will here focus on preparing the students for adult life with an emphasis on daily living skills.

Pupils of all ages are referred by the Local Authority on the basis of their having a primary diagnosis of ASD. Many have additional learning needs which are linked to the ASD, but these are always secondary to the ASD in their impact on pupils’ development and learning needs.

The curriculum
We offer a modified National Curriculum, but it also includes an extended curriculum to ensure it is accessible and meaningful for those functioning below NC levels. The two curriculums overlap which provides continuity for those pupils who progress to National Curriculum levels. Our specialist facilities and highly skilled staff address the main obstacles to pupils who are not benefiting from conventional teaching strategies i.e. the challenges associated with developing communication and social skills as linked to autism. To overcome these challenges, we identify pupils’ individual learning styles, assess their language and communication skills and needs, and tailor teaching strategies to our findings. Pupils may thus be taught, for part of the school day, individually, in small or whole class groups or, a mixture of all three. Our aim is always to ensure that pupils feel safe, enjoy their education, have a high level of emotional well-being and are, thus, able to achieve, in all areas of the curriculum.

We are very proud that we have been judged ‘Outstanding’ on the last three consecutive inspections – the last in 2014.