Behaviour programmes and social scripts

School staff are trained in both pre-empting behaviours and in dealing with these should they occur. All permanent school staff are trained in ‘Team-Teach’ which advocates that only a very small number of challenging behaviours requires handling. The very vast majority of behaviours are resolved without the need for physical handling. This is seen as a last resort in order to ensure that pupils and staff are safe.

Staff write Individual Behaviour Plans for pupils who frequently exhibit challenging behaviour. Positive Handling Plans may also be written for those few pupils who require handling on a regular basis. Positive Handling Plans are shared with parents who must agree and sign these before staff can implement them.

Uffculme School uses both ‘Social Stories’ and our own ‘Social Scripts’. While ‘Social Stories’ rely on significant comprehension of language and are written to a formula ‘Social Scripts’ are designed for those who have very limited comprehension of language. These have been developed at Uffculme School and are pictorial ‘stories’ written for individual children in order to address their specific needs.

The main feature of the scripts is the carefully selected and relevant pictures, drawings and symbols which are accompanied by key words, phrases or sentences. Together, the pictures and words, these make a clear statement at the level of the child’s comprehension. The scripts always have a positive message even when addressing a challenging behaviour in that they emphasise the benefits of behaving in a certain way. They are written for individual children for both school and home contexts.

‘Social Scripts’ aim to:

  • Reduce anxiety in unfamiliar situations or when preparing for a certain event
  • Inform the child about social expectations and the benefits of conforming to these

Help the child to behave more appropriately. These are often used in conjunction with sticker books and reward systems. 

Challenging behaviours at home:

Uffculme School deliver training to all new parents on autism and behaviour management. This provides parents with an understanding of why some behaviours may occur as well as outline strategies which may help to address these. However, sometimes parents request additional help with specific behaviours which occur at home or in the community. The school responds quickly to these requests and set up a meeting within a day or two and send home a questionnaire for parents to complete and return to school prior to the meeting. This allows time for staff to ponder over the function of the behaviour and to think of possible strategies. A behaviour programme is then designed in discussion with the parents to ensure that the suggestions are practical and appropriate for the home situation. These programmes frequently include ‘Social Stories’ or ‘Social Scripts’ as well as a variety or reward systems. Staff and parents maintain contact to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme and make adjustments as new behaviours or issues emerge.

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