Comprehensive assessments

A wide range of assessments have been developed at the school. These are linked to language comprehension, the subjects of numeracy and literacy (P3-P8) and readiness for toilet training. One assessment charts developmental progress in non - National Curriculum areas of those pupils who function below National Curriculum levels. Another assessment, ‘Augmentative Communication Assessment Profile’ has been published by Speechmark. Our assessments are integral to our curriculum and help ensure that both targets and teaching are personalised to the individual pupil.

An assessment to ascertain readiness for toilet training has been developed by school staff which ensures that toilet training is implemented once the child has the requisite skills. Toilet training the child with autism poses different challenges than when attempting the same with non-autistic children. This programme was developed together with nurses specialising in continence from the continence charity ‘ERIC’ (Enuresis Research In Children) and is proving very successful.

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Students return to school on Wednesday 6th September 2017
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