Intensive Interaction

Intensive interaction is an approach to teaching pre-verbal communication skills to children who are still at the early stages of communication development. At one extreme, this may be a person who is very 'difficult to reach', live a socially isolated life, perhaps have a range of self-stimulatory behaviours and who do not show motivation to be with other people. Equally, the approach is for people who may have verbal ability but who may still need to further develop non-verbal aspects of their communication e.g. use and understanding of eye contact and facial expressions and taking turns with equipment and activities.

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At Uffculme we use elements and principles of Intensive Interaction as follows:

Uffculme staff use Intensive Interaction techniques and principles in 1:1 or 1:2 sessions with our youngest pupils when accessing our additional teaching areas e.g. Soft Play and Creative Rooms. These small areas have been designed with the youngest pupils in mind (e.g. the choice of equipment and resources) and it would be neither dignifying nor possible to use these with older pupils.
In these contexts pupils are taught to make informed choices of activities, to communicate that choice via gestures (pointing) or photos and to take responsibility for the choice for a brief period. They are further encouraged to give brief eye-contact, to take turns and to learn to copy gestures, vocalisations and actions.

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