Personalised teaching and learning

One size does not fit all. “Personalised learning is all about shaping teaching around the different ways children learn” (DfES 2005). Not everybody learns best through verbal instruction in group situations. Visual strategies are considered the learning style of choice for pupils with ASD but this is not always the case. Staff seek to identify pupils’ preferred mode of learning as well as ways to ensure meaningful engagement in tasks. A ‘learning by doing’ approach assists the learning of younger pupils and/or those with additional learning disabilities. Different pupils require different level of support. Some thrive when tasks are modelled in 1:1 situations whilst others work best when with one or more peers. Staff- pupil ratios are evaluated on an individual basis.

Many pupils are easily distracted by what they hear, see, feel or smell. They may be sensitive to heat or cold, the smell of food or certain perfumes or severely dislike the sensation of shoes and socks. Pupils may need a work area or work station which faces away from many visual or auditory distractions (individualised learning) for some activities. We adjust our teaching when these sensory stimuli are obstacles to learning and gradually work on desensitising the pupils to ensure they spend increasing amounts of time in a more inclusive learning environment.

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