Sensory Intergation Therapy

Sensory processing describes our ability to take in information through our senses, organise and interpret that information, and make a meaningful response.
Sensory integrative therapy is based on the idea that some people struggle to receive, process, and make sense of information provided by the senses. For example, some people with autism are hyper-sensitive (over-sensitive) to some things such as loud noises, some tastes and smells but hypo-sensitive (under-sensitive) to other stimuli such as physical pain or movements. People may crave or hate different stimuli and experiences e.g. squeezing into small spaces, engaging in unusual head, hand and body movements, smelling everything and everybody, licking and chewing objects beyond the age at which it is socially acceptable and appropriate. Pupils who appear to have these types of issues may be referred for a sensory assessment via the school medical service.
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Uffculme School does not offer Sensory Integration Therapy but uses some principles from SI to aid pupils’ attention, concentration and behaviour.

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