SPELL is the framework that the National Autistic Society has developed and which is used in their schools and services for adults.

SPELL stands for:
S = structure which provides security
P = positive approaches to enhance self-esteem
E = empathy – To endeavour to understand, respect and relate to the experience of the person with autism
L = low arousal settings – to avoid distractions and situations which increase anxiety
L = links with parents, schools, other agencies and the wider community
For more information on SPELL click on this link http://www.autism.org.uk/

At Uffculme we use elements of SPELL as follows:

It is recognised that learning cannot take place if the pupil is anxious or confused. Therefore, every effort is made to provide a calm and predictable learning environment in which every child will feel comfortable in which to learn. Uffculme staff aim to make lessons relevant to each individual based on need, interest and ability. Positive behaviour is fostered through encouragement and rewards. Instructions aim to be unambiguous with a focus on what pupils are expected to do – not what they are not to do. Behaviour is modified through positive instruction and rewards rather than by highlighting the negatives.
The school maintains regular contact with parents/guardians via home-school books, telephone calls and parents’ evenings. The school will, in addition, make arrangements to meet parents/guardians to discuss issues of concern as soon as possible on request.

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Uffculme School is closed to students and staff on Monday 11th December due to adverse weather conditions