This nationally recognised and accredited method promotes the least intrusive way of dealing with severe and challenging physical behaviours. There is an emphasis on, and preference for, de-escalation strategies which are to be used and exhausted before any physical handling is implemented. The term ‘positive handling’ is used extensively. It involves specific physical handling techniques which ensure the dignity, well-being and safety of all involved, whilst striving to maintain positive relationships between the pupil and staff involved in the handling.
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At Uffculme we use Team-Teach as follows:

All permanent class room staff at Uffculme School are trained in Team-Teach positive handling techniques. ‘Handling’ refers to a range of physical interactions. The term includes physical interactions like a gentle and brief touch to the elbow or shoulder, as well as to ‘escorting’ a pupil to a location by using a reassuring safe and firm (yet gentle) grasp of the pupil’s arm, ‘Handling’ also includes what is known as ‘restraint’. Any handling of our pupils is always a last resort and is only carried out with the pupil’s best interest in mind. Specific and safe ‘restraint’ techniques are used in highly exceptional circumstances and only implemented in order to keep a pupil safe, or for the safety of peers or staff. Handling techniques are agreed with parents following a demonstration of what it involves as relating to their child and in what circumstances. Very, very few of our pupils need any form of handling.

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