Uffculme Trust

Uffculme Trust

Registered Charity No 1097387

Charity Objects
“In co-operation with the School community, to advance the education of the pupils of Uffculme School, Birmingham,; in particular to engage in fundraising activities and seek charitable donations in order to provide facilities and equipment which support the School and provide extended opportunities for pupils which would not otherwise be readily available.”

Mrs Denise Thomas (Chair)
Mr David Spilsbury
Mrs Maggie Clifford
Mrs Sue Burton
Mr Brendan Campbell
Mr Alex MacDonald Ex Officio

The Trustees meet regularly and make grants to Uffculme School to support residential visits and purchase of equipment/resources. The Trust seeks and makes bids to other charitable organisations which support these aims.

In 2015 and 2016 Uffculme Trust was successful in bidding and receiving the following grants, and would like to thank all these charities for their valued support:

£2,500 from The Eveson Charitable Trust;
£3,000 from Grantham Yorke Trust;

£5,000 from the Douglas Turner Trust;
£1,000 from The Eveson Charitable Trust;
£1,000 from The Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust
£2,000 from Grantham Yorke Trust

Additionally parents and families, staff, supporters and trustees raise and donate sums to Uffculme Trust. In the past, monies have been raised through table top sales and sponsorship.  Other donations have been received in memory of a family member. Whenever possible, the Trust reclaims tax paid through the Gift Aid scheme.

There is also an opportunity to donate through Just Text Giving (text UAAS11 to 70070).

The family and friends of one pupil, in particular, have regularly donated monies to Uffculme Trust; to these people the Trustees wish to record their grateful thanks.

The Trust has contributed to the following school residential visits:

KS2 visits to Wingate Centre in 2014 and 2015;
KS4 visit to Wingate and KS4 Skiing, both in 2015.

KS4 Skiing
KS3 visit to Red Ridge
KS2 visit to Wingate Centre
KS2 visit to Macaroni Woods
KS3-5 visit to Wingate Centre

These contributions allow the school to offer residential visits to all pupils at a much reduced cost.

The Trustees receive feedback from staff and pupils following residential visits, and these are truly a highlight.

A further contribution of £3,000 is planned in 2016 for new outdoor equipment.

If you would like to contact Uffculme Trust, please phone school in the first instance, or email enquiry@uffculme.bham.sch.uk.

Uffculme School is closed to students and staff on Monday 11th December due to adverse weather conditions