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School Uniform - Uffculme School

School Uniform

It is not compulsory for pupils to wear a uniform at Uffculme School. However, we have found that wearing a uniform may help pupils to differentiate between school and 'home' days and it may also provide them with a sense of group identity.

The following is a list of items if you should wish to buy a uniform for your child:

Grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore
A white polo shirt or white long-sleeved shirt
A red jumper, cardigan, sweatshirt or fleece
Black, grey or white socks
Black shoes
A cap or fleece hat
A book bag
A fleece lined waterproof jacket
A white or red PE T-shirt
Black PE shorts
Black PE pumps

These items may be purchased from any chain or department store. Or, should you wish to purchase any uniform item which sport the Uffculme rainbow logo we ask that you contact the school's office. 

The Following is a list of secondary items if you wish to buy a uniform for your child:-

A black Blazer
A red Tie
Grey or Black Trousers, skirt or pinafore.
A white long-sleeved shirt
A grey Jumper