Pupil Premium

Our school aim is to help ensure that every pupil reaches his / her full potential academically, socially, creatively, communicatively and linguistically.

The target and strategic use of pupil premium will support us in achieving this aim.


  • We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all of the pupils

  • We ensure that pupil premium funding will ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils who belong to economically disadvantaged groups.

  • Pupil premium funding will be allocated to priority classes, groups or individuals and interventions will happen at appropriate times throughout the year.


The range of provision for these individual pupils will include:

  • Providing 1:1 and / or small group work with experienced staff members and specialists focussed on overcoming gaps in learning specifically related to ASD.

  • Purchasing specific, specialist resources to support work with pupils and to help engineer the classroom environment in order to provide an ASD friendly one.

  • To provide targeted opportunities for pupils related to their individual ASD and academic needs. These will include: Early Literacy, Social Use of Language, Work study Skills and Communication Skills.

  • Progress of these pupils will be tracked against individual and personalised targets.

Our indicative pupil premium allocation in 2016/17 is £79,944

Funding will be allocated to

Target Pupils

Anticipated Impact

Additional TA provision to allow the 1:1 support of targeted pupils for communication, play skills, SULP-type activities.

Eligible pupils

-pupils at P1-3

-pupils at P4-8


All pupils have individualised or cohort targets building on achievements from last year. The aim is as follows;

  • To further increase levels of pupil initiation and early communication skills due to 1:1 tuition.

  • To continue to improve use of social language and social skills

  • To provide further opportunities to increase ability to play purposefully

Activities to be generalised within everyday classroom practice.

Purchase of a range of specialist resources to support learning in above projects

Eligible pupils throughout the school

Improved access to the curriculum through specialist resources to support individual needs.

  • Resources have enhanced opportunities in SULP and play sessions

Purchase of iPads and laptops

Eligible pupils in primary and secondary

  • Improved exposure to new technology

  • Improved teaching and learning opportunities through new educational apps and to accept adult direction in using them

  • Improved motivation to learn due to new technology

  • Improved opportunities to consolidate learning

  • Improved engagement for pupils who are passive, have poor attention and are at very low levels of communication.

  • In secondary, increased opportunities to work collaboratively with peers.

Residentials and trips

Eligible pupils

  • Ensured equal opportunity and access to a residential experience

  • Opportunities to develop personal and social skills outside the school setting.

  • Enrichment – introduction to functional leisure activities.

Music lessons

Eligible students throughout the school

  • Learning to play a musical instrument

  • Accreditation for Arts Award for Key Stage 4

  • Engagement in a possible leisure activity

Free drinks and fruit

Eligible pupils throughout the school

  • Improved levels of concentration through better nutrition

  • Improved communication and social skills as snack times provide excellent opportunity to implement and practice skills relating to social development and communication (pictorial and verbal)

 Click Here to see the 2014/15 Pupil Premium Allocation

The indicative PE and Sports Award in 2015/16 is £8,395 

Funds will be allocated to

Anticipated outcome

High quality resources including:

-         Playground equipment for the KS1 pupils

-         items for use at lunchtimes


-         Pupils with use the equipment with the support of lunchtime supervisors as part of their lunchtime activities. This will increase their engagement in purposeful activities during this time.

-         The increase in the range of balls and small games equipment in PE will enable pupils to develop skills in throwing, catching and games skills.

Offsite sport provision such as visits to the park to promote a healthy lifestyle. Funds pay for transport.

-         This will provide opportunities for pupils including those with more complex difficulties to have access to trips into the   community in order to walk and participate in physical activities in a variety of playgrounds. This routine activity will encourage a healthy lifestyle as well as giving opportunities for them to increase their coordination and control as well as the social aspects of being out in the community.

To employ a specialist to deliver dance lessons to our pupils throughout the year.

-         This will Increase participation of pupils in activities relating to dance and movement. Sessions are attractive and motivating and   will therefore encourage pupils to engage with dance and movement / response to music as part of a healthy lifestyle.

 Click Here to see the 2014/15 PE and Sports Award

Year 7 catch up allocation in 2016/17 is £5500

Funding allocated to Target pupils Anticipated Impact

Additional TA support to allow
teaching of groups

Yr 7 Pupils Identified students will reach targets set in
using and applying Literacy and Numeracy
skills across the curriculum in the Autumn
term by Summer 2016

Purchase of resources to develop to
using and applying skills

Yr 7 Pupils

Students who have not reached national
expectations will meet school based targets
by Summer 2016

Click Here to see the 2014/15 Year 7 catch up


Students return to school on Wednesday 6th September 2017
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