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Covid- 19: Remote Learning

Remote teaching and study time each day

Remote learning at Uffculme is personalised and planned to meet the wide range of learning needs/styles of each student.

From Parent feedback after the first lock-down, we know that most pupils benefited from personalised resource packs rather than online learning. We have adapted our approach in Jan 2021 to reflect this. 

For some students there is formal paper-based work sent out or emailed out where all students have access.  Students can then send their work back to be marked or email back to teachers. In addition, online links to learning sites/additional resources are also sent out to supplement learning.

For our more complex students’ teachers are sending out physical resource packs to provide learning opportunities for their students, in some cases these could be objects and /or sensory items. Along with online links for favourite stories and learning songs bespoke to the children.

Staff have sent out additional non-curriculum links to resources that may be useful to engage learners.

Feedback from parents is received through our weekly catch up calls where teachers respond to the requests from parents and where extra support can be given.


On-line resources can be found on class pages in the Home Learning section of this website