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Secondary Curriculum

Curriculum Rationale

We follow the National Curriculum with modifications to ensure that students’ individual education needs are met.  Modifications to the National Curriculum also include an extended curriculum to ensure it is accessible and meaningful for those functioning below NC levels. The two curriculums overlap which provides continuity for those students who progress to National Curriculum levels.

Our specialist facilities and highly skilled staff address the main obstacles to students who are not benefiting from conventional teaching strategies i.e. the challenges associated with developing communication and social skills as linked to autism. To overcome these challenges, we identify students’ individual learning styles, assess their language and communication skills and needs, and tailor teaching strategies to our findings. Students may thus be taught, for part of the school day, individually, in small or whole class groups or, a mixture of all three.

Underpinning our curriculum is an emphasis on ensuring students feel safe, secure and developing a positive self-image as this is fundamental to any learning. Fun and enjoyment are thus, important ingredients in our curriculum. Emotional well-being is of paramount importance as many of our children experience varying levels of anxiety as a result of their ASC.