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Home to School Transport


Please note that Uffculme School does not manage the Home to School Transport agreements. This is done by the Local Authority. It may be that your request for Transport may not be approved by the Local Authority.  If this is the case, you will need to raise your concerns to them through appeal.

Home to School Transport application are now completed online.

Queries, Issues or Complaints

If you have any queries with regard to your child’s transport these should be directed to Travel Assist using either of the following contact methods:

Tel: 0121 303 4955, Option 3 then Option 2


If a bus is late to pick up or drop off your child please contact you transport contractor:

Primary Routes UFP01 - UFP08, All Secondary and Post-16 Routes:

Contact National Express Accessible Transport (NEAT) on 0333 241 2745.

Primary Routes UFP09 - UFP13:

Contract Green Destinations on 0121 553 3369, 07737 024 090 or by WhatsApp on 07534 927837.

Primary Routes UFP04 & UFP05 will be run by Green Destinations on a temporary basis from 16.11.2021.

Post-16 Route UFP02 will be run by Green Destinations on a temporary basis from 22.11.2021.

Please note that if the school is made aware of any delays to transport a text message will be sent to parents/carers.

Transport Updates

Updates from Birmingham City Council regarding transport can be found here.

Home to School Transport – Severe Weather for Schools and Parents: December 2021

In the event of severe weather conditions (e.g. snow, storms, floods) it may be necessary to either change or cancel Home to School Transport arrangements for safety reasons.  Wherever possible, operators will attempt to operate unless safety concerns deem it not feasible to do so.

If a school has not already announced its closure, then it is an individual driver’s decision as to whether they can operate or take a certain route, as they are the only responsible party who is aware of all the facts. Contractors must inform Headteachers and the Travel Assist of their decision immediately.

It is vital that they put the safety of the students first and this means that we cannot insist that the transport runs, or that a child or young person is taken directly to their home if there is no safe route available. If you are advised by the transport company that your child’s morning journey has been cancelled, you should assume that the afternoon journey will also be cancelled, unless you hear otherwise. 

Parents/carers who have chosen to take their children to school during bad weather should ensure they have confirmed return transport arrangements for their child before leaving them at school. Contractors will not be expected to transport a child taken into school by a parent home if an assessment considers an afternoon journey inoperable.

Transport is arranged to run at set times and therefore if a school decides to close early due to adverse weather, it may not be possible for transport companies to arrive earlier than normal. Therefore, the school will need to ensure that students are supervised until they are collected. If a parent/carer does not want their child to attend school during bad weather they should contact the transport company to inform them at the earliest opportunity.

In bad weather conditions, parents/carers are advised to regularly check the City Council and the Local Offer website and to listen to local radio. If parents/carers suspect that the school is closed but there is nothing on the website or the radio, they should contact the school directly before travelling. Parents/carers should also contact the school if they are unable to travel due to bad weather, but the school is open.